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why the suit collective

With experience in corporate, wedding, red-carpets and special events, the team at The Suit Collective is on hand to assist with any desired look, vibe or imaginative creation that you want to embody in a piece of clothing. Don't just settle for an off-the-rack piece or a garment that doesn't fully encapsulate your style and personality. Let us bring your vision to life and have you feeling as confident as James Bond.

An experience LIKE NO OTHER

The Suit Collective will take you on a journey to bring out your inner style and create custom looks for any occasion. Whether it’s a red-carpet affair, formal event ensemble, or just the one suit you have in your wardrobe for when the occasion calls, the team at The Suit Collective will make sure that you have a perfectly fitting outfit, designed by you.


Our team delivers a unique experience during each consultation to ensure that even if this is your first bespoke suit process, you leave feeling like you understand suits inside-out. With a fully mobile service, we aim to create the look of your dreams directly from the comfort of your own space


When enquiring, one of our team members will give you a call and have a chat about what is is you’re looking for, what sort of timeframe you’re working with, and what the even or occasion may be. During this initial consult, we will attempt to glean as much as we can about what picture and design you have in your head, so we can come well prepared for our face-to-face consult, which will also be booked in during this initial phone call.


The face-to-face consult will consist of us going through a wide range of fabrics, linings and customisation options to ensure that we create a garment that is 100% designed and guided by you. We often tell our wearers that body language is as important as the fit itself and we want to make sure you feel confident when you’re wearing a perfectly crafted and tailored suit.


Once all details are locked in, we send the order off to our main atelier to begin cutting patterns and fabrics based on your unique body shape and posture. As all garments are hand-cut and predominantly handmade, it does take approximately 3-4 weeks to have your garments created and be ready for delivery.


Once the clothes are close to ready for delivery, our team will reach out to arrange a time for your first fitting. This fitting is when you first get to try on your garment and give it an overall assessment. Our team will also be there to provide their own opinion as we often see things wearers don’t.


 If there are any alterations required to attain that perfect fit, our team will have it taken care of in a timely manner and dropped off to you pressed and ready to go.


Our team will check in after a few months just to see how it’s all going and how the garments felt in action.